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Welcome to Kraft Burger

The Owners

Located in Crosby, Kraft Burger is a charming, independent burger restaurant owned by adopted locals, Pawel and Laura.

Pawel trained to be a chef in his homeland of Poland and has been enjoying working in his profession since 2006. He is Head Chef here at Kraft Burger and being the workaholic and perfectionist that he is, he gives 100% effort at all times, ensuring the kitchen is always running smoothly and efficiently. This means that you only ever get the very best food!

Laura has most recently worked for the National Trust as she cares immensely about our natural environment, but has a lot of experience working in many different restaurants; from her hometown of Newton-Le-Willows to the bustling city of London. She loves to meet new people and provide excellent service, that’s why you will always find her running around the floor making sure everybody is happy!

The Food & Drink

Here at Kraft Burger, we cater for everyone, including vegetarians, vegans, gluten-free and we work hard to accommodate food intolerances/allergens. Being a part of the community and supporting local businesses is important to us; therefore, you will find only high quality, locally sourced food and beverages here. The high welfare and living conditions of animals are also imperative to us, so you can be satisfied to know that the beef/poultry/pork in your mouth-watering burgers come from responsible, high welfare farms only.


We love our planet and want to do everything we can to protect it, therefore the Kraft Burger management strives to make the restaurant as environmentally conscious and sustainable as possible. From the locally sourced food to the eco-friendly cleaning products, to materials used in our furniture; we promise too always keep the planet at the forefront of our mind.